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Pollock prints cover the abstract expressionist career of American painter Jackson Pollock. Pollockprints.org is a fansite offering information on the life and paintings of Jackson Pollock as well as providing links to where you can buy your own art print reproductions of original Pollock paintings. This homepage includes a full list of his finest paintings each of which are accompanied by links to our recommended Jackson Pollock art prints gallery, which includes framed and unframed art prints, stretched canvases and posters. You'll notice the first Pollock prints that we feature is Convergence, as seen below.


Convergence Print by Jackson Pollock

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Convergence is the most popular Jackson Pollock print and makes a colourful work that is ideal for any home, thanks to it's truly abstract expressionist style. It's complicated use of colour and brushstrokes is ideally suited to those with minimalist contemporary homes, and this is why so many choose to buy Jackson Pollock Convergence print reproductions for their own homes.

Jackson Pollock's technique for Convergence was to move around a large canvas which he would lay in the middle of his studio floor. As he circled it Pollock would apply paint in a seemingly random fashion, combining drip, pour and splash techniques together to give an overall finish which was busy and full of colour. Convergence is undoubtably the artist's finest painting that used this technique, which has become classified within the abstract expressionist art movement which serves as an umbrella to many different artistic techniques for expressing one's emotion through art. For those interested, there is more information on Jackson Pollock's Convergence painting here.

Paul Jackson Pollock, as was his full name, struggled throughout his life with social problems which fueled his alcohol addiction which later contributed to his premature death at the age of 44 through a car accident in New York. It was a sad demise for such an innovative artist particularly when you consider that his best work was probably still to come as he grew with experience and influences. One can only guess at what this artist may have achieved in later years but it is just satisfying that his reputation is still impressive from the work that he fitted in to his 44 years. There are additional Pollock paintings featured here.

No 14 Gray

No 14 Gray Print by Jackson Pollock

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No 14 Gray as you can see above is a relatively simple composition by Jackson Pollock in that it was just in black and white and this helps draw attention specifically to the complex spirals of the paint rather than the contrasting colours as in Convergence. No14 Gray serves as a good alternative for those looking for prints with more subtle tones to suit a specific place in their home or office.

Jackson Pollock paintings have inspired many new contemporary artists, and his original works are now on show in the permanent collections of key art galleries and museums such as the National Gallery of Australia, Albright-Knox Art Gallery & Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Most Pollock paintings still remain in the United States as there are many well-financed institutions more than capable of holding on to, or acquiring Pollock paintings.

Yellow Grey Black

Yellow Grey Black Print by Jackson Pollock

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Yellow Grey Black features clear colour selections by Jackson Pollock as well as straighter brushstrokes with thick lines cutting across over a complex background. Each and every Pollock print suit a slightly different taste in terms of colour, with this relatively subtle but with a bold yellow added to create a sense of excitement.

Pollock felt that his style of work was from a technique where he would connect deeply into his subconscious in order to gain inspiration for each and every painting. He was simply not someone who could sit down and paint an exact replication of something he chose to copy. Instead, he was all about expression, perhaps to try to excise some of the demons that lay within his troubled mind which contributed to his alcoholism.

Number 18

Number 18 Print by Jackson Pollock

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Number 18 features smaller drips of paint with a greater use dripping over thick brushstrokes, making this painting full of detail and perhaps more calming than some of his other paintings. It works well as a backdrop to a low-tone wall in most homes whereas those looking for a more aggressive look should try Convergence instead.

When studying the different prints available within this homepage of Pollockprints.org it is important to understand that they are not ordered by age. To summarise, Pollock's earliest paintings concentrated on the complexity of drips and brushstrokes with only black and white coloured paint used. Examples of this were Number Twenty-Three, Echo and Number Seven. A post-1950 Pollock then created Convergence and Blue Poles, amongst many others, in his large-scale, full color style which he is now best remembered for.


Lucifer Print by Jackson Pollock

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Lucifer is another of Pollock's best known oil paintings and features an incredible amount of detail, even by this artist's standards. The painter uses blue and yellow prominently as well green over the top at the end. The print above features a title included below the main painting with green text chosen to match the work well. This type of finish to the print gives a really professional look and it makes a great choice.

The early days of Jackson Pollock's career involved him first experimenting with pouring and then dripping techniques before starting to use them together later on. Pollock was well known also for his marriage to Lee Krasner who was also an American painter of note. It was the Guggenheim family who encouraged both to pursue their artistic ambitions, with financial aid provided to a Pollock who sought a studio in New York to develop his work and ideas.

Convergence Pollock

Convergence Print by Jackson Pollock

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Convergence as mentioned earlier is the best place to start for those looking to learn about Pollock's style and features the most vibrant colours and complex strokes and drips of any that he produced. The popularity of this painting is shown in it's inclusion as the album cover for a major British rock band in the 1990s and it will remain Pollock's signature work for many years to come.

Action painting is an art movement generally seen as being named after the findings of Pollock who used so many innovative ideas in his own career. His methods were extraordinary when compared to the norms of traditional techniques such as Renaissance and Baroque of the 15th to 17th centuries. By standing up and walking around his enormous canvases the artist was able to open up new ideas to budding contemporary painters who now realised they did not have to be constrained in their methods and ideas.


Mural Print by Jackson Pollock

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Mural featured above is a very important example of how Jackson Pollock was a more flexible artist than many realise, with this painting offering a much more planned style with a sort graffiti-style look by the end because of it's complexity and Pollock's own choice of bold colouring.

The abstract expressionist style of Jackson Pollock was a mixture of the planned and the unplanned, the accurate and the random. He always had a strong idea in his mind for how the painting should look and his final approach was a combination of different influences and a careful development and composition of different techniques together. His influences included western artists Thomas Hart Benton and Pablo Picasso as well as Indian sandpainting, the Mexican muralists and Surrealist automatism.

Summertime Serigraph

Summertime Serigraph Print by Jackson Pollock

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Summertime Serigraph above is the best known Serigraph available from Pollock's career and it's wide dimensions are an excellent alternative for some homes whose walls require a custom shape to fit in correctly. Summertime Serigraph again has a graffiti-style look from a distance.

The success Jackson Pollock achieved throughout his career has ensured that the entire length of his production is studied in detail and we summarise the best known paintings into the short list included below:

Further Famous Artists

As well as Jackson Pollock there are also many other fantastic artists worth studying in your own time, and below is a list of further talented painters which you may also like, with a bias towards American and modern artists to make them partly relevant to Jackson Pollock.

Lichtenstein prints offer famous American pop art at it's best. Roy Lichtenstein had a style in his prints which was innovative and highly contemporary.

Norman Rockwell is best known as a painter and skilled illustrator and his oil paintings have a charm and style which remains unique to the painter. The brilliance and mainstream appeal of Rockwell's work has helped the artist to achieve success in many different areas of American society. Check out Norman Rockwell prints here.

Claude Monet is famous all over the world with Monet himself now established as one of the most respected and influential artists of all time. The popularity of impressionism and Monet's connection to it's inception means his role in the development towards modern art was critical and the qualities in his paintings make them highly popular as art print reproductions for those looking to add his colour and imagination to their homes. You can buy Claude Monet prints here.

Jack Vettriano has become a true artistic icon in the UK thanks to great artistic achievements over the past 25 years, rising from a young intrigued Scottish artist to become well known around the world, particularly in his native Britain and across the pond in the US. His growing popularity has led to major exhibitions and interest whenever his paintings come up for sale. There are Jack Vettriano prints on show here.

Mark Rothko is one of several exceptional artists who have travelled from the former Russian empire to America to settle and concentrate on expanding on their artistic achievements and influences. This artist was originally born in what is now Latvia but later moved to New York where he could make the best of his ability. Buy Rothko prints here.

Georgia O'Keeffe was a famous American contemporary artist. Georgia O'Keeffe has inspired many talented artists in recent years as well as particularly showing to other skilled female painters that there are opportunities for them to succeed if they persevere for long enough. O'Keeffe ranks alongside the likes of Mary Cassatt for contributing alot to the rise and academic acceptance of women in art. Previously they were commonly seen are just possible subjects for paintings, rather than as the artists themselves. You can find Georgia O'Keeffe prints here.

JMW Turner was the spearhead of the influential art movement of Romanticism which inspired the French impressionists that followed shortly after. Turner's finest oil paintings are available to buy as Turner prints here.

Winslow Homer also produced many drawings and wood engravings of note. Simiarly to Andy warhol, this artist made his name initially as a commercial artist before developing a career in painting and printmaking. Buy Winslow Homer prints here.

Barnett Newman was a crucial American artist who produced exceptional paintings around the middle of the 20th century which are roughly grouped in the art movements of Abstract Expressionism and more specifically Color Field painting. You can read more about Barnett Newman here.

Pablo Picasso is also amongst the most studied artist with his paintings categorised into several key periods of his career, such as the Blue Period, the Rose Period, and times of Cubism, Surrealism and also African-inspired spells. You can buy Pablo Picasso prints and reproductions from this Pablo Picasso website.

Edward Hopper's prints show modern life for Americans at that time, through the eyes of the artist, who very much had his own unique view that he expressed in his art. Whilst best remembered as an oil on canvas artist, he also achieved success as a watercolour painter, which became popular in America at the time, and he also produced several print etchings. Buy Hopper prints here.

Albert Bierstadt is well remembered for covering the great Western expansion across the United States in the 19th century and so his paintings are not only artistic choices but they also offer historical insights into the progress of USA at that time. Check out Bierstadt prints here.

Marc Chagall is considered one of the best exponents of colour of any artist ever and his dreamy style of paintings has proven supremely popular in recent years. Chagall prints are similarly popular to the other artists featured here and you can buy them from this website.

Paul Klee prints offer abstract art from a famous Swiss artist whose prints make great additions to the best modern art created up to now. Use the link provided to see more about Paul Klee. Klee concentrated on the art movements of Expressionism, Bauhaus and Surrealism which he combined with his own imagination and careful selection of bold colours to create innovative paintings

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